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about us

At C.R. Orchids we strive to provide high quality products that meet or exceed both our own personal standards as well as our customer’s standards. We’ll go the extra mile to offer quick and personable customer service at very competitive pricing.

We believe in one on one customer relationships and helping you, our client, to grow to the best of your abilities.


Wholesale potted, Phalaenopsis, Cattaleya, Paphiopedilum, Oncidium, and Dendrobium. Plant sales to orchid retailers/vendors and florists. Wholesale cut flowers for Florists.

Events calendar

Date Events Distributor
Feb 10-14, 2014Valentines SpecialCR Orchids
March 1-9, 2014Flower ShowPHS
March 14-23, 2014Canada BloomsEngagers
May 4-11, 2014Mothers DayCR Orchids
Dec 14-25, 2014Xmas SpecialCR Orchids